Adult Improvers


Swimming and breathing – that is the aim. Using less air than your body is demanding means you can keep swimming. Two ways to achieve that- Getting swim fit and good technique. Practice both.

Encourage extra practice other than the lesson, it’s included in their fees.

Warm Up should be based on the kids warm-up, maybe miss out on somersaults!

Leave some time for free swimming practice.

Don’t be scared of going through the breathing exercises again, adults forget as well!

Split the lesson in three and rotate through the strokes. Backstroke, front crawl and breaststroke

Use waves and cannon, vary the style of swimming direction.

Corner to corner, like a motorcycle display team, gives extra distance before going across the deep.

Practice over the deep at the end of the lesson, either by being in the water or close by with a pole.

The teaching practices and points are the same as children’s lessons but here you are able to expand in much greater detail, hone feedback to individuals and discuss how they are developing.