Sophie Youren

Shirley schoolgirl Sophie Youren (8) is a star swimmer. She completed her 3,000m award swimming continuous front crawl in just over 90 minutes. It was when Sophie realised that Roald Dahl, her favourite children’s author, had been badly injured as a World War 2 fighter pilot that she decided to raise money for Help For Heroes.

On the last day of a Half Term Crash Course at the Shirley Swimming Pool, her teacher set Sophie off on her 120 length marathon before the other children because they were concerned she would not have time to finish.

Her teacher couldn’t have been more wrong, ” She flew along, swimming lovely front crawl, breathing to the side overtaking everyone and she finished before all the others” said Clodagh Dear.

Sophie began swimming aged just two in a parent and child class. Her first major award came in the summer of 2016 with the one mile award. Inspired by a video and talk at her Tannersbrook School, Sophie has so far raised over £400 for help for heroes.

Sophie is a Shirley Pool star

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Contribute to Sophies Help For Heroes by texting SYOU50 £5 to 70070