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Click here to open or download the Shirley Main Pool Timetable


Click here to open or download the  Small Pool Timetable


Adults only lane swimming





  Late Swim 


7.30am - 10am

12noon -1.30pm 

7pm - 8pm 

9pm -10pm 


7.30am - 9am

12noon - 1pm 

7pm - 8pm 

9pm - 10pm 


7.30am - 10am

12noon - 1.30pm 

6pm - 7pm 

8pm - 10pm 


7.30am - 10am

12noon - 1.30pm

6pm - 7pm 

8pm - 10pm


7.30am - 10am

12noon - 1.30pm


8pm - 10pm



12.30pm - 2.30pm 




9am - 10am

12noon - 1.30pm

6.30pm - 8.30pm


Big Red Bus LogoThere is a Cafe on site, housed in a converted double decker bus. Tea, coffee and food available.

Directions can be found by clicking this link 

The Main Pool at Shirley

Click here to open or download the Shirley Main Pool Timetable



The Small Pool at Shirley

Click here to open or download the Shirley Small Pool Timetable


Click  here to view the Baby & Toddler lesson times

Click  here to view the School age children lesson times


Aquasize every Tuesday 8.00pm and Thursday 7.00pm £4.95




The Main Pool is 25m x 8m, is shallow both ends, and is a maximum of 2 metres deep in the centre. The normal water temperature is 29 degrees. The lockers take a 20p coin, which is refundable. Parking is free and is directly outside the building.


The Small Pool is 5 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 0.5 metre deep. The tiled pool is kept a constant 33 degrees.The pool area is not overlooked but is connected by CCTV to a monitor in reception. This warm and shallow pool is ideal for babies, toddlers and beginners of all ages.


Please click below to see the Shirley Swimming Pool Timetables



Baby Splash, Parent and Child Lessons and 3 to 5 year olds are for the Small Pool only.

Adult Lane Swimming, School Swimming and Swim Clubs are for the Main Pool only.

Baby Splash is designed for children 3 and under with a parent.


Adult lane swimming times vary rarely and aim to keep them the same all year around. Children are not allowed into these sessions. The other times for general swimming have a separate timetable. Ladies changing facilities offer separate cubicles for changing and baby changing bench. Car parking is free. Charges; Adults £4.00, OAP £3.50, Student £3.50, Child 5 and over £3.50 and Child unaccompanied (Must be over 8) £3.50. We are closed on Bank Holidays. Monthly S2ason ticket for unlimited swimming is £25.00 for a month via direct debit. Aquasize is £4.95 a session and Inflatable Pool Party £97.45. Toddlers small pool party on Sunday 1.30 from £50.00


The Swimming pool is also available for Private Hire and Pool Parties, please contact reception for further details


Click here for our on line brouchure 


Why Swim ?


Fitter, leaner, healthier and happier

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise which is very useful in combating stress. Swimming can be very relaxing when done at a slow pace, gliding through the water, Or it can be a real physical work-out when going full speed practicing the front crawl - more


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